Beware of Holiday Vehicle Theft

Vehicle Theft Report

Make sure you are keeping your vehicle and the valuable located inside safe this holiday season!

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) just released their annual Holiday Vehicle Theft Report. According to the report, holiday car thieves had their busiest day in 2014 on, ironically, Labor Day, stealing 2,200 vehicles according to new data released today by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). NICB’s 2014 Annual Holiday Vehicle Theft Report analyzes data from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which showed a total of 695,246 vehicle thefts for the year.

After Labor Day, New Year’s Day was the next most active holiday with 2,011 thefts. Halloween came in third with 2,010 thefts followed by Memorial Day with 1,933 thefts. Independence Day rounds out the top five holidays for 2014 with 1,877 thefts.

The holidays with the fewest thefts in 2014 were Christmas Day with 1,225 thefts and Thanksgiving with 1,384 thefts.

Holidays ranked by the number of thefts in 2014 were:

Labor Day (2,200)
New Year’s Day (2,011)
Halloween (2,010)
Memorial Day (1,933)
Independence Day (1,877)
New Year’s Eve (1,858)
Valentine’s Day (1,750)
Christmas Eve (1,750) (tie)
President’s Day (1,695)
Thanksgiving (1,384)
Christmas Day (1,225)

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